Reliance Jio unveils JioGamesCloud: What is it, how to join up, and more

Reliance Jio unveils JioGamesCloud What is it, how to join up, and more

JioGamesCloud, a cloud gaming platform developed by Reliance Jio, has had the beta version of its service released in India. The JioGamesCloud service is a cloud gaming platform that is presently accessible in beta form on the JioGames app for web browsers, smartphones, and the Jio Set Top Box.

Users that have reliable internet connections are able to stream games straight to any device that is compatible with the service. The service is now offered for free, and it is not restricted to users of Reliance Jio.

About fifty different games are available in the beta version, including Victor Vran, Shadow Tactics, The Uncertain, Flashback, and Grid, amongst others.

Jio said in a tweet that the #JioGamesCloud service could be accessed using the JioGames app on mobile devices, web browsers, and the Jio Set Top Box.

Instructions for registering for the JioGamesCloud service

Step 1:

Navigate to and choose the Get Started button located in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Step 2:

Select the option to install ‘JioGames: Play, Win, Stream’ on your Android smartphone by clicking on the ‘Google Play Store’ button, or select it to install on your computer by clicking the ‘Play Now’ button in the box labeled ‘Web App’.

Step 3:

When you are finished, it will ask you to input your phone number. After that, touch the button that says “Continue.”

Step 4:

An OTP will be delivered to the phone number you provided.

Step 5:

After the OTP has been validated, you will be sent to the JioGamesCloud site and may immediately begin playing.

The rollout came after it was reported on websites like Reddit that certain customers were able to access GeForce Now games on their Jio set-top boxes. This led to speculation that the games were already available. GeForce Now is a cloud gaming platform that was developed by Nvidia. It looks that Jio has licensed GeForce Now for use on its own gaming platform.

Jio suggests that customers play these games by connecting their smartphones to a high-speed wifi network or a 5G network in order to take use of the console-level visuals that are available in some of these games. Likewise, you may play these games on a desktop computer, a laptop, or a set-top box.

You may see a delay in the touch response since the game is produced remotely and then supplied to your device through the cloud. This is especially likely if you have a slower internet connection with higher latency or ping.

You will be provided with virtual controllers on the screen of your smartphone whenever you play a game hosted on When you start a game on a notebook or a desktop, you have the option of playing the game with a mouse and keyboard or with a physical controller. Both of these options are available to you.

In the following days, Jio is anticipated to upload additional games on the JioGamesCloud platform. Even while the service is now provided at no cost, the business plans to begin charging for it after the formal introduction of the product and will most likely include it as a component of a refill package when it does so.




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